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Have fun reading these stories with Owl ...

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Tigger comes to visit

W innie-the-Pooh woke up suddenly in the middle of the night and listened. Then he got out of bed, and lit his candle, and stumped across the room to see if anybody was trying to get into his honey-cupboard, and they weren't, so he stumped back again, blew out his candle, and got into bed. Then he heard the noise again. 'Is that you, Piglet?' he said. But it wasn't. 'Come in, Christopher Robin!' he said. But Christopher Robin didn't. 'Tell me about it to-morrow, Eeyore,' said Pooh sleepily. But the noise went on. 'Worraworraworraworraworra,' said Whatever-it-was, and Pooh found that he wasn't asleep after all.

'What can it be?' he thought. 'there are lot of noises in the Forest, but this is a different one. It isn't a growl, and it isn't a purr, and it isn't a bark, and it isn't the noise- you- make- before- beginning- a- piece- of- poetry, but it's a noise of some kind, made by a strange animal! And he's making it outside my door. So I shall get up and ask him not to do it.'

He got out of bed and opened his front door. 'Hallo!' said Pooh, in case there was anything outside. 'Hallo!' said Whatever-it-was. 'Oh', said Pooh, 'Hallo!' 'Hallo!' 'Oh, there you are!' said Pooh, 'Hallo!' 'Hallo!' said the strange animal, wondering how long this was going on. Pooh was just going to say 'Hallo!' for the fourth time when he thought that he wouldn't, so he said, 'Who is it?' instead. 'Me,' said a voice. 'Oh!' said Pooh. 'Well, come here.' So Whatever-it-was came here, and in the light of the candle he and Pooh looked at each other. 'I'm Pooh,' said Pooh. 'I'm Tigger,' said Tigger. "Well Tigger, I was going with my friend Piglet to see my friend Christopher Robin today. Would you like to go meet my friends with me? "Sure", said Tigger bouncingly.

Pooh and Tigger when to Piglet's house where Pooh introduced Tigger to Piglet. Then they all proceeded to Christopher Robin's house with Pooh and Piglet walking slowly behind Tigger. And as they walked Piglet said nothing, because he couldn't think of anything, and Pooh said nothing, because he was thinking of a poem. And when he had thought of it he began:

What shall we do about poor little Tigger?
If he never eats nothing, he'll never get bigger.
He doesn't like honey and haycorns and thistles
Because of the taste and because of the bristles.
And all the good things which an animal likes
Have the wrong sort of swallow or too many spikes.

'He's quite big enough anyhow,' said Piglet. 'He isn't really very big.' 'Well, he seems so,' Pooh was thoughtful when he heard this, and the murmured to himself:

But whatever his weight in pounds, shillings, and ounces,
He always seems bigger because of his bounces.

'And that's the whole poem,' he said. 'Do you like it, Piglet?' 'All except the shillings,' said Piglet. 'I don't think they ought to be there.' 'They wanted to come in after the pounds,' explained Pooh, 'so I let them. It is the best way to write poetry, letting things come.' 'Oh, I didn't know,' said Piglet.

Tigger had been bouncing in front of them all this time, turning round every now and then and ask, 'Is this the right way?'-and now at last they came in sight of Kanga's house, and there was Christopher Robin. Tigger rushed up to him. 'Oh, there you are, Tigger!' said Christopher Robin. 'I knew you'd be somewhere.' 'I've been finding things in the Forest,' said Tigger importantly. 'I've found a Pooh and a Piglet and an Eeyore, but I can't find any breakfast!'
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Eeyores garden

One lovely summer day, rabbit was busy tidying his garden, as Eeyore passed by he admired the flowers in rabbits garden. " They are very pretty flowers, I would like to have some flowers in my garden." said Eeyore.So Rabbit very kindly fetched some seed and handed them to Eeyore. "Plant the seeds in a very sunny place and keep watering them." Rabbit told Eeyore. "And you will have some very pretty flowers all of your own."

Eeyore was so pleased with the seeds rabbit had given him, "Thank you," he said. Eeyore hurried home very quickly and planted the seeds in his garden straight away, and then he watered them just as rabbit had told him. "I can't wait to have some pretty flowers of my own," said Eeyore. But by lunch time the flowers hadn't grown.

Eeyore thought to himself and decided that maybe his flowers needed watering again and went to fetch his watering can and watered the seeds. Just then Pooh and Piglet came walking by and asked Eeyore what was wrong. "Rabbit gave me some seeds to grow in my garden, I watered them, and they did not grow, so i watered them again, now I am waiting to see if they will grow." But still no flowers.

"But Eeyore" said Pooh "Flowers can take a long time to grow." Eeyore felt so sad that he walked off. Pooh decided that it would be a good idea to go and see rabbit.Pooh and Piglet told rabbit about Eeyore flowers and how very upset he was." So rabbit gave Pooh and Piglet some flowering plants, they took them too Eeyore's garden and planted them as a surprise.

When Eeyore came back his flowers had grown and he was so very happy, "My flowers grew after all." said Eeyore.
owlthink.gif - 21.1 K The strange flower

It was a lovely sunny day, so Owl decided to for a stroll around the hundred acre wood. As he was walking along, he noticed a very unusual flower peeping out from a bush. It had long red and white petals and was pink in the middle.

"Well. i've never seen a flower like that before," Owl muttered, staring at it. " I wonder what it's called?" Owl was so puzzled about the strange flower, he went to ask rabbit if he knew what it was called. "mmm, long red and white leaves with a pink middle," murmured rabbit, looking through his flower books. " I can't see anything like that in here. Id better come and look."

So he followed Owl through the wood to the bush where the flower was growing. "See," said Owl pointing to the red and white flower. "it's so bright and unusual, I noticed it right away." "Goodness, I've never seen a flower like that!" said Rabbit.He searched through his flower book again. "And there's nothing like it in the book. I think that we have discovered a rare flower!" "Really? How wonderful!" said Owl.

Just then Kanga and Roo came along. "There it is!" cried roo, pointing to the flower."I told you it must be around here." Owl and Rabbit watched in astonishment as Roo ran over to the flower, picked it up and gave it Kanga. "You can't pick that, it's a rare flower!" gasped Rabbit. "It might be the only one of it's kind." "It certainly is" smiled Kanga."It's the paper flower from my bonnet. It fell out when I went for a walk earlier." Rabbit and Owl did feel silly. Fancy them not noticing that their rare flower was made of paper.
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Stories courtesy of Judith's Winnie the Pooh site ...
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